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Groomers Direct Pet Grooming, Photography and Boarding
In order to server the demands of our customers we do everything by appointment only.
551 Davis Road / Albertville, AL 35951 / USA 1.256.486.1012 OR 1.256.PET.PAWS     scroll down to load page

Little Dogs

We groom and photographic small bread dogs (2-19 lbs.) and medium dogs (20 to 40 lbs.) with either a hair designed by you or one more specific for the bread.


Yes we groom cats only domestic cats although so of the cats people clam to be domesticated don't act like it during grooming


We do groom young dogs and puppies but we encourage you to make sure they have their Parvo shots. We want your business but not at the risk of any dogs life so please check with your vet if you have a 4 legged youngster in need of a grooming.

Extra Large Dogs

We groom dogs up to 200 lbs providing they are not aggressive and you have an outdoor area we an access water to if they will not fit in the tub

Learn More About Groomers Direct Mobile Pet Grooming: including Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming

Let us provide your pets Grooming, Boarding, and Portraits.Groomers Direct and Pro Pet Photography is a primary grooming, training, boarding and photographic service provider for Marshall County, Alabama including Albertville, Guntersville.  We are proud of what other have to say about our services and work hard to make our dogs and their owners happy.  Some of the benefits of our mobile grooming services include. 
  • Less stress on pet
  • Faster services
  • Watch entire grooming process
  •   Personalized attention for your pet or pets
  • Real pet shampoo
  • Hand Drying with air dryer
  • Not around other dogs
  • No Cages
  • Absolute Convenience

With Our Experience and Love of Pets

We offer many different services for you, your pet and your family
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The Best Possible Professional Grooming Services

We work diligently to provide you pet or pets with the best care, products in the safest manner possible while meeting the demands and needs of our valued customers! We can came to you and groom your pet in out mobile studio or you can come to use at our studio in Albertville Alabama.
1. Best shampoo! Groomers Direct only uses the best shampoo made for pets and safe for both dogs, cats, hourses, bunnies and farrets.
2. No Cages We do one owners pet or pets at a time. Every pet is hand dried with a pet hair dryer and is free to roam around the studio. In addition owners are invited and encouraged to watch the grooming process.
3. Style I don't believe there is such a service as a baths only as that would mean simply wetting your pet putting shampoo on it and rinsing it off then returning the animal back to you! Every pet gets the professional care they need wither that includes hand dematting, undercoat removal or a bread cut we do it all. We also listen to our customers and are happy to take instructions as we are grooming your pet limiting the chance of mistakes or misunderstandings.
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Groomers Direct Mobile Pet Grooming

551 Davis Rd / Albertville, AL 35951 / USA 1.256.PET.PAWS

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